Ultimate Firewood Secret: Which Wood Burns Best?

Ultimate Firewood Secret: Which Wood Burns Best?

Choosing the right type of wood for firewood is crucial for maximizing heat output, efficiency, and overall satisfaction in your heating or cooking experiences.

At Corrin Kiln Dried, we understand the importance of selecting the best wood for your firewood needs. Whether you're looking to heat your home, enjoy a backyard bonfire, or cook with a wood-fired oven, knowing which wood to use can make all the difference. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the characteristics of various types of wood and why some are better suited for firewood than others.

Hardwoods vs. Softwoods

Firstly, it's essential to distinguish between hardwoods and softwoods, as they have different properties and uses when it comes to burning. Hardwoods, derived from deciduous trees, are generally denser and burn slower and hotter, making them ideal for heating and cooking. Softwoods, from coniferous trees, tend to burn faster and with less heat, often used for kindling to start fires due to their easy ignition.


Alder wood offers a quick burn and a moderate heat output, making it suitable for kindling or mixing with slower-burning woods. It's particularly appreciated for its light, pleasant scent.


Applewood burns slowly and steadily, emitting a high heat and a delightful, fruity aroma. It's perfect for long, cold nights and is a favorite among those who enjoy a fragrant fire.


Ash is often hailed as one of the best firewood. It burns hot and long and leaves minimal ash residue. Conveniently, it can be burned green, but for optimal performance, drying is recommended.


Beech wood burns similarly to ash, providing a long-lasting and hot fire. However, it requires thorough drying to prevent its tendency to spark due to its high moisture content when green.


Birch ignites easily and burns brightly, making it a popular choice for kindling and adding light to the fire. Its bark can be used as a natural fire starter.


Cedar produces a beautiful, crackling fire with a pleasant scent. It's great for quick warmth and atmosphere but burns rapidly, so it's often mixed with denser woods.


Cherry wood burns slowly and emits a mild, sweet fragrance. It's another excellent choice for a pleasant, aromatic fire, though it benefits from extended drying.


Chestnut is a lower heat-producing wood, prone to sparking. It's less ideal for indoor heating but can be used outdoors where the sparks pose less risk.


Similar to cedar, cypress burns warm with a distinctive aroma. Proper drying is essential to reduce its sap content and improve burn quality.


Elm has a high moisture content, making it harder to ignite. However, it can provide a long-lasting burn with a decent heat output once properly dried.


Eucalyptus burns hot and long but requires careful handling due to its tendency to spit and spark. It's known for its robust and refreshing scent.


Known for its high heat output and slow burn, hawthorn is an excellent firewood. It's a dense wood, requiring less frequent refueling.


Hazel is good for a moderate burn, producing a satisfactory heat output. It's best used in combination with slower-burning woods.


Holly burns with a moderate heat and is best used when well-dried. Its quick burn makes it more suitable for kindling or mixed fires.


Known for its toxic properties, laburnum is not recommended for indoor fires. It's best avoided to prevent the risk of releasing harmful substances.


Larch offers a decent heat output but must be thoroughly dried to reduce its sap and resin content, which can lead to soot buildup in chimneys.


Lime wood burns with a modest heat output and does well when mixed with denser woods. It's easy to ignite, making it a good choice for kindling.


Oak is one of the best firewoods available, burning slowly and steadily with a high heat output. Its dense nature means it takes longer to dry but results in a long-lasting fire.


Similar to apple, pear wood burns slowly and emits a pleasant, subtle fragrance. It's another top choice for an enjoyable, aromatic fire.

Pine or Deal

Pine burns quickly and hot but produces a considerable amount of sap, which can cause creosote buildup. It's best used for outdoor fires or as kindling.


Poplar is not recommended as firewood due to its low heat output and quick burn. It's more suitable for creating paper products.


Rowan, or mountain ash, burns hot and slow, making it an excellent firewood choice. It's known for its minimal smoke and steady heat.


Spruce burns quickly with a moderate heat, making it more appropriate for kindling or mixing with longer-lasting woods.

Sycamore and Other Maples

These woods offer a good heat output and a moderate burn rate. They're reliable for heating, though not as aromatic as some other options.


Willow requires thorough drying due to its high moisture content. Once dry, it provides a decent burn but is best used alongside denser woods.

Considerations for Choosing Firewood

  • Moisture Content: Always opt for kiln-dried or well-seasoned wood, as it burns cleaner and more efficiently. Moisture content should be below 20% for optimal burning.
  • Availability: The best type of firewood can also depend on what's readily available in your area. Locally sourced wood is often more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
  • Purpose of Use: Consider whether you're primarily heating your home, enjoying outdoor fires, or cooking. Different woods may be better suited to different needs.

Corrin Kiln Dried - Your Premier Choice for Quality Firewood

At Corrin Kiln Dried, we specialize in providing high-quality, kiln-dried firewood that meets all your needs. Our drying process ensures that our wood has an optimal moisture content, making it perfect for any application. We offer a variety of woods, including oak, ash, birch, maple, and cherry, allowing you to choose the best option for your specific requirements.

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By understanding the characteristics of different types of wood and how they affect burning, you can make an informed decision on which wood is best for firewood. Whether it's the lasting warmth of oak, the clean burn of ash, the quick heat from birch, the consistent warmth of maple, or the aromatic pleasure of cherry, Corrin Kiln Dried has you covered. Choose the right wood for your needs, and enjoy the perfect fire every time.

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