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Corrin Kiln Dried

Premium Kiln-Dried Bags

Premium Kiln-Dried Bags

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Our packaged kiln-dried firewood is sold in our premium bags to impart the uniqueness of the highest quality firewood. The bagged Kiln Dried Firewood Is Lightweight and Packaged in A Durable Plastic Handled Bag, making It Convenient and Easy to Carry. Our kiln-dried will meet the needs of pleasure burners, cooking, camper, and wood heating needs!

Considering these factors, you receive the best kiln-dried firewood. The consistently high quality produced by wood control and kiln drying allows the product to meet four points.

  • Easy-starting
  • Clean-burning
  • Burns Hotter
  • Plenty of flames

Choose Corrin Kiln Dried Firewood Co. for a fireside indulgence like no other.

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