Elm Firewood: Burn Quality, Heat Output, & Characteristics

Elm Firewood: Burn Quality, Heat Output, & Characteristics

As the crisp autumn air settles in and winter approaches, many homeowners focus on stocking firewood for cozy evenings by the fireplace or hearty outdoor gatherings. Among the myriad options available, one wood type that often piques interest is elm. In this guide, we'll delve into the common characteristics, burn qualities, and elm firewood pros and cons, helping you decide when to choose the best firewood for your needs.

Common Characteristics of Elm Firewood:

Elmwood, known for its dense and sturdy composition, comes from the elm tree, a deciduous hardwood species. Here are some common characteristics of elm firewood to consider:

1. Density and Hardness:

Elmwood is renowned for its density and hardness, making it a robust choice for firewood. Its solid composition contributes to a longer burn time and a steady heat output.

2. Moisture Content:

Like all firewood, the moisture content of elm is a crucial factor. Freshly cut elm can have a high moisture content, affecting its combustion efficiency. Proper drying or kiln drying is essential for optimal burn performance.

3. Bark Type:

Elm bark can vary, and while some varieties have a smoother texture, others may be rougher. The type of bark can influence the ease of ignition and the overall burn experience.

4. Is Elm Good Firewood?

The effectiveness of firewood is often gauged by its burn qualities. Let's explore how elm wood performs regarding heat output, smoke output, smell, burn time, and creosote build-up.

Elm Wood Burn Qualities:

1. Heat Output:

Elmwood is prized for its high heat output. Correctly seasoned or kiln-dried can produce consistent and intense heat, keeping your living space warm and inviting.

2. Smoke Output:

Compared to other hardwoods, elm produces minimal smoke when burned. This is advantageous for indoor and outdoor use, reducing the risk of excessive smoke inhalation and enhancing the overall fire experience.

3. Smell:

Elm is known for its mild, pleasant aroma when burned. The subtle fragrance adds to the ambiance without overpowering, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate a more subdued scent.

4. Burn Time:

Elm's dense composition contributes to a prolonged burn time. This means fewer interruptions to refuel your fireplace or fire pit, allowing you to enjoy extended periods of warmth and relaxation.

5. Creosote Build-Up:

While elm generally produces less creosote than softer woods, engaging in regular chimney maintenance is crucial. Creosote build-up can still occur, posing a potential fire hazard. Using well-seasoned or kiln-dried elm and cleaning your chimney regularly can mitigate this risk.

Pros and Cons of Elm Firewood:

Let's weigh the advantages and disadvantages of using elm firewood:


  1. High Heat Output: Elm's dense nature ensures a powerful and lasting heat output.
  2. Low Smoke Production: Elm generates minimal smoke, enhancing the overall burn experience.
  3. Pleasant Aroma: The mild and pleasant aroma of burning elm adds to the cozy atmosphere.
  4. Long Burn Time: Elm's density contributes to an extended burn time, requiring fewer interruptions.


  1. Moisture Content: Freshly cut elm may have a high moisture content, necessitating proper seasoning or kiln drying.
  2. Chimney Maintenance: While elm produces less creosote than softer woods, regular chimney maintenance is crucial to prevent build-up.

Where to Buy Kiln Dried Firewood:

For the best elm firewood, choosing a reliable supplier that offers kiln-dried options is essential. Kiln drying ensures the wood reaches an optimal moisture level, enhancing its burn qualities. Contact Corrin Kiln Dried Firewood Co. for premium firewood that takes your fires to the next level.


As you embark on the quest for the perfect firewood, consider elm a formidable option. Its exceptional burn qualities, careful attention to moisture content, and regular chimney maintenance make it a reliable choice for indoor and outdoor fires. Contact Corrin Kiln Dried Firewood Co. today to elevate your fire experience. Remember to take advantage of free delivery within 20 miles of 19801, with only $3 per additional mile. Order online or call 302-656-6077 to ignite warmth and ambiance in your home.

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