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Corrin Kiln Dried

Kiln- Dried Premium Hardwood Blend (Winter Special Firewood)

Kiln- Dried Premium Hardwood Blend (Winter Special Firewood)

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Elevate your outdoor gatherings with Corrin's exquisite Premium Hardwood Blend, a harmonious fusion of oak, cherry, maple, locust, hickory, walnut, and American beech.

Burning Properties of Corrin Hardwood Blend Firewood:

Ignition: Effortlessly start your fire with our hardwood blend logs, easily kindling memories.  

Burn Time: Enjoy an extended blaze that will keep the atmosphere alive for hours. 

Heat: Revel in the intense heat of our hardwood blend firewood, turning chilly evenings into cozy gatherings. 

Aroma: Immerse yourself in the delightful scent of our hardwood blend, enhancing your outdoor ambiance. 

Brightness: Watch the night come alive with vibrant flames, illuminating your surroundings in a mesmerizing dance. 

Emissions: Embrace sustainability with Corrin's cleaner-burning wood, emitting fewer emissions than cherry wood alternatives. 

Insects: Rest assured with our pest-free guarantee, thanks to our meticulous kiln drying process that leaves no room for unwelcome guests.

Mold: Bid farewell to mold concerns as our hardwood blend logs undergo a thorough kiln drying treatment, ensuring pristine quality.

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  • Type: Kiln-Dried Firewood Logs
  • Origin: Made in America (Delaware)
  • Material: Availability Upon Order
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