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Corrin Kiln Dried

Premium Hardwood Blend (Fall Special Firewood)

Premium Hardwood Blend (Fall Special Firewood)

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Imagine the joy of bulk-buying firewood, creating countless fires with loved ones. Elevate your outdoor gatherings with Corrin's exquisite Premium Hardwood Blend, a harmonious fusion of oak, cherry, maple, locust, hickory, walnut, and American beech.

Experience the pinnacle of heat output with our meticulously kiln-dried hardwoods, igniting the fire of togetherness and warmth during springtime adventures.

Unveiling the Exceptional Burning Properties of Corrin Hardwood Blend Firewood:

Ignition: Effortlessly start your fire with our hardwood blend logs, easily kindling memories.  

Burn Time: Enjoy an extended blaze that will keep the atmosphere alive for hours. 

Heat: Revel in the intense heat of our hardwood blend firewood, turning chilly evenings into cozy gatherings. 

Aroma: Immerse yourself in the delightful scent of our hardwood blend, enhancing your outdoor ambiance. 

Brightness: Watch the night come alive with vibrant flames, illuminating your surroundings in a mesmerizing dance. 

Emissions: Embrace sustainability with Corrin's cleaner-burning wood, emitting fewer emissions than cherry wood alternatives. 

Insects: Rest assured with our pest-free guarantee, thanks to our meticulous kiln drying process that leaves no room for unwelcome guests.

Mold: Bid farewell to mold concerns as our hardwood blend logs undergo a thorough kiln drying treatment, ensuring pristine quality.

Ignite unforgettable moments and kindle lasting memories with Corrin Premium Hardwood Blend Firewood. Elevate your outdoor fires and immerse yourself in the captivating allure of crackling flames and comforting scents. Create bonds that burn as bright as the flames themselves.

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