Where and How Do You Properly Store Firewood?

Where and How Do You Properly Store Firewood?

Need to know the best methods for storing firewood? Learn about the ideal storage conditions, where and how to store, and what signs show improper wood storage. 

Firewood is a great source of heat, but making sure it’s stored properly is key to ensuring your firewood will burn hot and for a long time. 

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One of the most common questions we receive is ‘what is the best method for storing firewood?’ 

There are several recommended guidelines for firewood storage, from where you should store it to which conditions are best for preserving the wood.

Why Proper Firewood Storage is Important

Proper firewood storage is essential for getting the most out of your wood. Not only does this increase its lifespan, but also prevents insects and diseases from spreading. 

On the other hand, improper storage can lead to mold, rot, and insect infestations in your firewood - rendering it unusable and even hazardous if burned. 

So if you want the most from your firewood and minimize potential issues with storage, be sure to do it correctly.

Find Out Where to Store Firewood. 

Finding a suitable spot to store your firewood is important. 

For instance, if you are storing wood outside, you should find a spot that's protected from the rain and has good air circulation. 

An area with some degree of shade will also help keep your firewood dry. 

It’s best to avoid storing the wood against a building or other structure, as moisture may build up between them and cause mold and fungus to grow.

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Make Sure Your Wood Pile is Off the Ground.

When building your firewood pile, make sure it’s off the ground so that air can circulate under and around it. This will help keep the wood dry and prevent rot or mildew from developing. 

Store firewood in a dry and well-ventilated area away from houses or other flammable objects, keeping it off the ground to prevent moisture infiltration. Stack logs neatly under cover or in a shed with enough room for air circulation around each pile. 

Only store what amount of firewood you will use during one season to avoid waste and decay; inspect it for pests before bringing inside for burning. Proper storage makes for safer, more efficient fires overall.

Choose an Appropriate Shelter for Your Woodpile.

Creating a shed or some form of covering over your woodpile will help protect it from the elements. If you don’t have access to a shed, consider making your own out of tarp and some stakes. 

A simple and effective way to cover your firewood is by creating a teepee structure with the tarp draped over the top. This will help keep rain, snow and direct sunlight off your supply until you need it.

Allow Air Circulation Around Your Firewood Stack.

When stacking firewood, make sure there is ample space between each piece for air circulation. 

This helps the wood dry quickly and prevents mold or rot. A well-ventilated stack also makes starting a fire easier when needed; stack wood away from walls or other objects which could restrict airflow. 

Consider placing your stack in an area with good sunlight and good air circulation; properly seasoned wood is key here! 

Remember: the key to long-lasting flames lies in properly ventilated stacks! 

If wood is stored in an area with no ventilation, it makes the firewood more susceptible to mold and mildew growth, as well as other pests like termites, ants and rodents. 

To ensure air circulation, set your firewood pile on top of a few pieces of thick wire mesh and keep an extra piece of mesh draped over the top. This will allow any moisture below the stack to evaporate quickly and will prevent pests from burrowing in.

Monitor Moisture and Insect Levels of Your Firewood Supply.

As well as storage conditions, it is important to check the moisture and insect levels of your firewood supply. Make sure that there is no standing water collected in any of the crevices and look for any strange insects on or around the woodpile such as centipedes and carpenter bees. 

Inspect each piece of firewood to ensure there are no signs of rot or decay. 

You should also break off a small piece of wood to examine it; when moisture levels are too high, this kind of wood will feel soft and damp to the touch.

Moisture can make starting a fire more challenging while insects could do damage to either home or property. By regularly checking the moisture content of your logs, you can prevent these problems from arising. Likewise, inspecting for signs of insects or pests early on will enable you to catch issues before they become bigger issues. By monitoring these two variables closely, you can guarantee that you always have access to safe and dependable firewood for your house.

Keep Premium Firewood Year-Round

Proper storage of firewood is essential for its quality and safety.

Storing firewood safely and securely away from your house is the ideal location.

Store firewood off the ground on a rack or pallet and cover it with a waterproof tarp to shield it from rain or snow.

Regularly inspect and clean the storage area to prevent the accumulation of pests or mold.

By following these guidelines, you can guarantee your firewood is ready to burn when needed without fear of damage or danger.

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